Canterbury Crematorium

The Canterbury Crematorium is located on the corner of Linwood Avenue and Keighleys Road. The crematorium houses a private chapel with seating room for 100 and additional overflow for 100. Streaming services are available. Catering can be provided in the foyer, following a service.

The Piano

The Piano is a performance venue centrally located on Armagh Street. There is seating for over 300 and a number of overflow areas. The acoustics of the Piano are complementary to musical tributes. Catering and bar service can be provided in the foyer area.

Ilam Homestead

The Ilam Homestead is located in the grounds of the University of Canterbury. The venue features a large grass field, ideal for a marque, and a grand old homestead that can be utilised for catering or for smaller services to be held.

The Transitional Cathedral

The ‘Transitional’ or ‘Cardboard’ Cathedral is the temporary home of the Anglican Church while the Cathedral in Cathedral Square is being restored. This venue seats approximately 300 with an overflow area for a further 100. Catering can be served in the foyer area.

Christchurch Golf Club

With a picturesque view over the course, the facilities at the Christchurch Golf Club, as part our selected venues, are ideal for a lover of sports or the outdoors. Catering and a full bar are available.