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Compassionate Team

At Bell Lamb Trotter, our team is at the heart of the compassionate and superior service we deliver. Each member brings a unique blend of caring, empathy, and professionalism, ensuring that every aspect of our service meets the highest standards of excellence and sensitivity.

Our staff are not just professionals in their respective fields; they are individuals who understand the profound importance of support and kindness during life’s most challenging moments. From the meticulous planning of ceremonies to the thoughtful arrangement of florals, every detail is handled with a deep sense of respect and dedication.

With a collective commitment to upholding the values of empathy and understanding, our team works tirelessly to provide a comforting presence, offering a guiding hand when it’s needed the most. Trust in us to be there for you, ensuring that your loved one’s farewell is as dignified and heartfelt as their life was cherished.

Andrew Bell

Managing Director / Funeral Director

Andrew Bell began assisting at the funeral home in 2004 while studying at the University of Canterbury. After graduating with an LLB and B.Com, and after spending a period in New York and Auckland, he returned to Bell, Lamb & Trotter in 2014. Andrew has a warm, empathetic approach that many find comforting, along with a degree of creativity that helps to bring an element of uniqueness to each service he assists with.

Ian Bell

Funeral Consultant / Embalmer

Ian Bell has over 40 years of experience in the funeral industry, showcasing his adaptability and commitment. He shifted from Physical Education at McMaster University to Funeral Services at Humber College. His varied roles include managing a Chinese funeral home in Toronto, co-founding Toronto Central Services, and supporting funeral homes in a large city. Relocating to New Zealand, he married Suzanne and bought J Lamb Trotter & Sons Ltd. Ian enjoys golf, boating, snow skiing, and family time. He currently advises BLT as a consultant, leveraging his extensive industry knowledge.

Suzanne Bell

Funeral Consultant

With a heart dedicated to serving others, Suzanne Bell brings her event management expertise and deep compassion to Bell Lamb Trotter. Her journey in the funeral industry began alongside her husband, inspired by their shared commitment to providing dignified and heartfelt services.

Suzanne’s background in event management at the University of Canterbury and her involvement in charitable foundations reflect her dedication to community and excellence in service. Her approach to funeral directing, especially for larger funerals, is marked by meticulous care and a deep understanding of family needs.

Jenny Bell

Catering Coordinator

Jenny has been coordinating the catering at Bell, Lamb & Trotter for over 20 years. She is a smiling face that you will see serving refreshments.

Cath Bunting

Funeral Director / Graphic Designer

Cath Bunting’s journey into the funeral industry is a tale of serendipity and passion. Her initial foray began in 2014 when she stepped into an administrative role at a funeral home, quickly discovering a profound connection with funeral directing. Cath’s diverse background, from co-owning a monumental business in Timaru to her stint in graphic design, showcases her versatility and creative flair. Her love for motorbikes, modern jive dancing, and exploring her new home in Christchurch adds depth to her character, bringing a unique perspective to her role at Bell Lamb Trotter. Cath’s approach to funeral directing is infused with her life skills, empathy, and a genuine desire to support families during their most challenging times.

Danielle Lei Y. Yu


Danielle Lei Y. Yu’s unique journey into embalming began with an artistic fascination and evolved into a profound calling. Her diverse background, from the music industry to embalming in Manila and Singapore, showcases her adaptability and dedication. Danielle finds deep fulfillment in ensuring dignity and respect in the final journey, bringing a blend of technical skill and heartfelt compassion to her role at BLT.

Katie Treleaven-Vile

Office Administrator

Katie Treleaven-Vile’s journey to BLT is a story of serendipity and a natural alignment with the values of the funeral industry. Her extensive background in office administration, client services, and marketing, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit in catering and events, equips her with a unique skill set. Katie’s approach to her role is marked by a blend of efficiency, empathy, and a deep understanding of the importance of attention to detail in times of need.

Maryke du Preez

Embalmer / Funeral Director Assistant

Maryke du Preez’s passion for the funeral industry is rooted in her desire to make a positive impact during life’s most challenging moments. With a decade of experience as a Registered Nurse, specializing in end-of-life care, Maryke brings a wealth of empathy and understanding to her role at BLT. Her commitment to providing comfort and support to grieving families is a testament to her compassionate nature.

Steven Phillips

Assistant Funeral Director

Steven Phillips’ path to becoming a Funeral Director was shaped by personal experience and a desire to offer the same compassion he received during a difficult time. His journey in the funeral industry began after the passing of his mother, leading him to realize his potential in supporting families with empathy and understanding. With years of experience in Christchurch funeral homes and a genuine commitment to families, Steven embodies the caring spirit that is at the core of BLT’s values.

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