From minimalist to the most elaborate of farewells, we can plan funerals to cater to each individuals needs. Call to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced funeral directors. The cost of our funeral services can be found here.


Whether you have purchased a plot or are exploring burial or cremation options, we can help. The Christchurch City Council and Christchurch City Libraries websites have information on the various local cemeteries.


We can facilitate the cremation of your loved one and if required, provide an urn from our range or organise the scattering of your loved ones ashes. Contact us to discuss your options.


We provide comprehensive services for transporting a loved one to another country for cremation or burial following a death in New Zealand, as well as assisting in repatriating individuals to New Zealand for funeral services if they pass away overseas.



Empathy & Support

In your moments of grief, Bell, Lamb & Trotter offers steadfast empathy and support during this difficult time, guiding you gently through each step of grieving process with professionalism and care.

Ceremony & Facilities

Choose Bell, Lamb & Trotter’s impeccable facilities and thoughtful ceremony planning to honour your loved one’s memory with quality service, grace and solemnity.


Trust Bell, Lamb & Trotter to provide dignified and seamless transport services, ensuring a respectful and professional journey for your loved ones in their final farewell.


Let Bell, Lamb & Trotter handle every detail of your catering needs with elegance and poise, offering comfort during these solemn times.

Media Options

Utilise Bell, Lamb & Trotter’s tasteful media options to share your cherished memories, ensuring your loved one’s story is told with dignity and respect.

Caskets & Florals

Select from Bell, Lamb & Trotter’s range of refined caskets and floral arrangements, designed to pay a fitting tribute during your time of remembrance.

Custom Prints & Photos

Rely on Bell, Lamb & Trotter’s custom prints and photos to capture and immortalise the essence of your beloved, crafted with heartfelt precision.


Engage Bell, Lamb & Trotter’s experienced celebrants, who provide comforting presence and words, ensuring a service that resonates with personal significance and solace.


Below is a selection of our range of caskets available.

  • Solid pine coffin with rope handles and a flat lid
  • Tributes Wiker Casket Christchurch funeral service
  • Patterned fabric lined caskets Christchurch Funeral services
  • Solid pine caskets stained to mahogany colour Christchurch funeral service
  • Rich mahogany casket Christchurch funeral service
  • Rimu timber veneer casket with a raised lid. Christchurch funeral services
  • Solid Rosewood Gloss Couch casket Christchurch funeral services
  • Recycled rimu casket christchurch funeral service
  • Natural pine casket with handles Christchurch funeral services
  • Natural pine casket with rope handles Christchurch funeral services
  • Painted caskets Christchurch
  • Metallic painted casket christchurch funeral services
  • Solid rimu caskets christchurch, oiled with raised lid
  • screen printed casket with personlised image
  • Natural light oak textured casket christchurch
  • Woollen casket Christchurch funeral services
  • Rosewood foil printed casket with gloss lacquer finish
  • MDF casket Christchurch funeral services
  • Solid pine casket Christchurch
  • Red, blue or green wooden casket with rimu trim Christchurch
  • Raised lid oblong casket with rosewood finish Christchurch
  • Solid Knotty Marcocarpa oiled casket with a flat lid Christchurch
  • White cushioned casket Christchurch funeral services
  • Contemporary wooden casket with woolen mattress Christchurch

Urns & Keepsakes

Below is a selection of our range of urns & keepsakes available.

  • Remembrance spheres and memorial beads funeral keepsakes
  • Funeral keepsakes scatter tubes and wooden basket urns
  • Wood grain finish urns Christchurch funeral services
  • Solid wood urns Christchurch


While having the usual funeral home vehicles available, we have a few unique hearses as well. Our 1937 Packard 120 Hearse was imported from New Jersey and lovingly restored over five years. It has the grand old look of that bygone era with the reliability of modern mechanics. Our Harley Hearse is a 2005 Harley Davidson Softail Deluxe that has been combined with a custom sidecar to create a one-of-a-kind final ride.

  • Bell Lamb and trotter motorcycle funeral service
  • Funeral Service Christchurch hearse car transport
  • The Bell, Lamb & Trotter Hearse parked in Kaipoi funeral service transport
  • Harley Davidson funeral service transport Christchurch, Bell Lamb and Trotter


Our florist is able to provide a range of floral tributes of varying styles and sizes. We can discuss your exact requirements with you when planning a funeral. You are, of course, welcome to provide your own.

Custom Prints & Photos

With a few small exceptions we perform all of our printing in house on up to date machines. We provide a professional service using quality paper and card stock.

Bookmarks and service sheets

Each bookmark or service sheet are uniquely designed for each person, representing the individual they were.  We shy away from using templates as we feel these take away from that uniqueness.

Alternatively, service sheets can be designed by family or friends and provided to us for printing or can be printed elsewhere.

Memorial books

Memorial books give people an opportunity to leave a message and for families to have a record of the attendees at a funeral. Where available we include a copy of the newspaper notice and service sheet. If images have been supplied for a photo tribute we can also include these in the memorial book, creating something that will be a special keepsake.

Framed photos

We can enlarge photos for framing in A3 and A2 size but can print even larger, if required. Camera included for scale only.

Custom-printed caskets

We have the facilities to design and print custom caskets onsite using imagery provided by families.


    We have a roster of celebrants available for our funeral arrangements – both secular and religious. We’re also happy to work with another celebrant of your choosing or assist a family member or friend in performing the role.

    Below are just a few of our unique celebrants:

    Aaron McLoughlin

    Aaron considers honouring and celebrating life in all its forms both a privilege and deeply important. He strives to make individual ceremonies special, personal and unique for them and their loved ones

    Vicky Hamilton

    Our specialist Chinese celebrant, Vicky is able to speak at funerals in both Mandarin and English.

    Ian Bell

    His down-to-earth nature puts families at ease. With decades of experience as a celebrant and over 40 years experience in funeral homes you are in very capable hands with Ian.


    Sharing refreshments after a service gives family and friends a chance to spend time together whilst recounting stories and memories following a funeral.

    • Bell Lamb & Trotter Funeral Catering
    • Catering and refreshments after service Christchurch funerals
    • Christchurch funeral catering
    • Ferry Park Chapel View - Venues | Bell, Lamb & Trotter

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