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The One Room system combines high quality hardware and cutting edge software to enable venues to webcast live events around the world. Our unique automated system requires no computer on site, and allows events to be set up from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Events can be booked into our admin system, and the cameras will turn on and record at the designated time, streaming out footage to friends and family who have been issued secure login details via automated email invitations.

The event recording is also stored for 90 days, and can be viewed at any time from any country.

Download and archive extension options are available to ensure that an event can be protected and shared for years to come.

There are many reasons why Bell, Lamb & Trotter choose One Room for webcasting, but they include some of these benefits.

  • It allows others to be able to see what your chapel or crematorium looks likes, and to feel a part of the service; seeing the flowers, hearing the music, listening to the eulogy. It gives people who cannot attend, the chance to celebrate the life of a friend or relative along with the other mourners, giving comfort and closure.
  • It is a dignified and unobtrusive form of video recording, so those at the service will be unaffected by the filming.
  • No computer is required on site, and services can be booked on internet enabled smartphones, tablets or computers, giving flexibility and allowing service at any location.

What is One Room?

One Room is an automated webcasting solution that allows a venue to stream live events to viewers all over the world.

How does it work?

Bell, Lamb & Trotter is fitted with fixed cameras and specialist hardware. They use tested secure software to book in a service.

Email invitations are sent out with unique login details, allowing absent loved ones to watch the service.
At the time of the funeral, the cameras will stream high quality footage of the arrangement over the internet. This footage is then stored online, allowing it to be accessed and watched for the next 90 days. (Further download options are available.)

What devices can I watch a One Room webcast on?

You can watch a One Room webcast on any internet equipped computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you can download our specifically designed free app. There will soon be a designated app for Android operating system smart phones too.

I have lost my viewing code email. Can I get it directly from One Room?

For confidentiality reasons we do not issue codes for funerals. In order to obtain these codes please contact the funeral home (or other venue) or family members directly.

How long is an archive available for?

An archived service is available for 90 days from the date of streaming. There are further extension and download options available, and a reminder email is sent out towards the end of the 90 days to inform that the archive period is finishing.

How do I extend my archive? Am I able to download my archive as a file?

Almost as soon as a service is finished it can be extended or downloaded. (It usually takes less than half an hour for the files to be transcoded and available for extension or download after a service has finished.)

Please note: Only family and friends who have their email addresses added to our official list are eligible to extend or download.
One Room is unable to add people to this list. You must contact the Funeral Home directly to be added.

You can access the extension and download options by visiting and entering in your email address in the login section, and the original six character password you were issued for the funeral.

How big will the video files be when permanently downloaded?

The files are roughly sized at 0.5gb per hour of footage.

Can they be recorded onto DVD?

The files are MP4 format, and can be saved onto a DVD. Some older players may not recognise MP4 format, and you will need to download a converter.

Bell, Lamb & Trotter are a family-owned and operated funeral home that offers sympathetic, understanding, personalised assistance when the need arises. Bell, Lamb and Trotter exists to serve the families who request our assistance, offering sympathetic, understanding and caring guidance, which is cost competitive. Our purpose is to help each family design a funeral for their loved one which is unique and personal – a service which is true to the person who has died and which reflects their life, personality, beliefs and culture.
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Eco-friendly options are numerous with Bell, Lamb & Trotter. From cardboard and untreated pine caskets, to preservation processes that are more natural alternatives than embalming, talk to one of our friendly team to discuss the options that are right for you and your family.

Funeral Costs

Naturally, many people are curious to know how much a funeral will cost. The cost of a funeral varies considerably, dependent up on the style of service

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Payment Options

Increasingly people are recognising the benefits of pre-paying a funeral – making some payment towards the cost of a funeral some time before the event.

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Information Pack

You may Request an Information Pack by completing the form below for a free no obligation quotation. So that we may tailor a costing specific to you

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Funeral Pre-Arrangement

Pre-arranged and prepaid funerals can easily be organised and people view this as an investment in the future to hedge against inflation and achieve maximum tax advantages. If the pre-arrangement is for yourself, it is simply the process of considering what funeral arrangements you would like to take place at the time of your death.

Why pre-arrange a funeral?

The advantages can be summarised with the phrase “peace of mind”. It gives you and your family members the peace of mind that…

  • your personal wishes are carefully recorded
  • your family are relieved of some of the emotional burden
  • you may amend your personal instructions at any time
  • if you choose to prepay, your money is secure
  • the funeral director of your choice has been nominated

How much detail is required?

You may record as much or as little detail as you wish. Your pre-arrangement may be partial or full:

Partial pre-arrangement: you may choose to record just a few important details – for example whether you want to be cremated or buried, and where you want the service to be held.

Full pre-arrangement: you may choose to record full and complete details, including choice of casket, flowers, music, content of newspaper notices, etc.

What should I do now?

If you would like to pre-arrange a funeral, we suggest that you begin by considering some of the issues raised above.

We will gladly advise you in whatever way you require. When you feel ready, make an appointment with one of our Funeral Directors to assist you or complete our online Confidential Funeral Arrangements Form. Once we have a record of your pre-arrangement, it is a good idea to inform your family members, doctor and solicitor that Bell, Lamb & Trotter holds a record of your wishes.

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